04/03/2021 ][ Vanilla Launch!


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Today, 13:06
Excited for something new? Something exciting? Something never done before?!
Well then, without further adieu, we would like to announce the official BETA launch of our Vanilla server!

Not exactly exciting or never done before, but you make your own excitement, so lets be excited!

Vanilla will be lacking many of the features you may see on our other servers, or many other survival servers offered out there!
Why? You may ask! It's Vanilla silly, and Vanilla is vanilla is vanilla... keeps going in a square.

Nonetheless! We here at Itherio are excited to bring this mode to you! There are some, but nothing too drastic, along the lines of features to set it apart from our other servers,

Featuring and not featuring,
  • No mcmmo! Oof..
  • Dangerous and scary caves!
  • An eerily expansive Nether... echo.. nethernether
  • and more...

WHEN? March 5th, 4:00PM GMT-700 (Click here for the event in your timezone)

Keep an eye on this thread, it will change after launch!



Without many of the bells and whistles that can distract you from your Minecraft experience, we would like to introduce to you our very own Vanilla experience!

What? But why Vanilla?
Great question! And why not? Enjoy Minecraft as originally intended(almost) with minimal game-changing mechanics and aspects!

What do you mean 'minimal'? Isn't it vanilla?
While we aim to provide the most vanilla experience, we'd still like to keep things challenging for our players while minimally changing core-vanilla mechanics too drastically.

  • An even more extreme Nether! Be careful not to fall...
  • Dangerous Caves... if you're feeling risky.
  • Choose your difficulty!
  • Chat based competitions!

You may notice some things not listed here, but nevertheless, these are the big differences! Need a bit of a rundown? Yeesh, so do I!


Nether: What's changed?
Nothing too drastic, unless you count unlocking the full potential of a 256y Nether!

This means, be careful where you step, as one wrong move could have you falling into the lakes of lava, or hard to your death on the grounds far below.

Choose Your Difficulty!
That's right! Feel like playing a little more on the light side, or would you rather more of a challenge? Simply start by typing,
to open the difficulty menu. From here, you can choose from the following difficulties,
  • Relaxed
    • 50% less fall damage
    • 50% less fire damage
    • 50% less damage from other players
    • 50% less damage from mobs
    • 50% less experience
    • No hunger
  • Easy
    • 25% less fall damage
    • 25% less fire damage
    • 25% less damage from other players
    • 25% less damage from mobs
    • 25% less experience
  • Normal
    • Normal fall damage
    • Normal fire damage
    • Normal damage from other players
    • Normal damage from mobs
    • Normal amount of experience
  • Hard
    • 25% more fall damage
    • 25% more fire damage
    • 25 more damage from other players
    • 25% more damage from mobs
    • 30% more experience
  • Nightmare
    • 50% more fall damage
    • 50% more fire damage
    • 50% more damage from other players
    • 50% more damage from mobs
    • 50% more experience

Caves; mine safe!
You might notice that caves can be a little more dangerous and creepy, with vines slowly growing on the walls and stalagmites poking from the cavern floors, to creepy sounds and chances for hypoxia at great depths!

Chat Competitions!
That's right! To keep things a little spiced up, we've added some different 'races' that you can compete against other players in to win a variety of rewards!

There's no need to do anything on your part to join, just be playing on the server! Unfortunately there is a minimum of 3 players connected for any races to start, so invite your friends!


Notable Commands
  • /setHome | /home - use these commands to set and teleport to your home location
    • /homes - opens a GUI of all your saved home locations
    • /removehome | /delhome - use these commands to remove a chosen home location
  • /back | /dback - go back to your previous teleported to location || back to your death location

What about donor perks? Most donor perks should work perfectly fine, unless they've depended on a heavily game-changing mechanic. With Vanilla, we've tried to keep the game experience as 'vanilla' as possible. If something doesn't work as expected, please open a ticket on our Discord for the quickest response times.

Remember, always follow our Network rules on any of our servers. Our Network wide rules can be found by >CLICKING HERE<

NOTE: Vanilla may or may not have features come and or go with or without notice. Vanilla will be maintained on the most recent stable Paper builds for crucial Minecraft updates. At times these updates contain changes to world generation with the addition of new blocks, etc. Sometimes this will require new world generation. Itherio will aim to try and keep the previous world available to players whenever possible.