28/02/2021 ][ Forum Updates


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Today, 14:39
  • Added multiple groups to align with server and Discord roles
    • Dev
    • Admin
    • SrMod
    • JrMod
    • God
    • Ultra... and so on
    • Bedrock - Currently message staff for this group rank.
  • Added permissions applicable to new forum content,
    • Tickets! Users can now easily submit and review their tickets for support or anything otherwise!
  • Tweaked some limits on user signatures to allow for benefits to higher ranks,
    • 'Default' and related roles have limits placed on text amount, links, smilies, modifications, etc.
  • Added multiple link forums,
    • Staff Application - links to our forms interface used to build application form
    • Punishments - links to a website running the records from our Bans databases
    • Appeal
    • Tickets
  • Discord Integration
    • users can now sign in with their Discord
      • similarly, link your account on the forums to your Discord
    • Role syncing between forums and Discord
    • Discord thread promotion - staff can now promote threads to Discord channels